Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Is A Real-Life Time Traveler Judging From This Beatles Photo

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Matt Smith time traveler Beatles photoWe — and we imagine many of you, Crushable readers — first learned about Matt Smith when he began his run as the current incarnation of the time-traveling Doctor on BBC's Doctor Who. With that context in mind, it's especially trippy that this photo has surfaced with what surely looks like Matt Smith… hanging out with the Beatles… in the 1960s. @HolyFrell tweeted this photo at Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat, and we have to admit that the profile and even the way the mystery man lifts his hand bear an uncanny resemblance to Matt Smith.

Of course, another Twitter user immediately commented that this was probably just the Beatles' manager Neil Aspinell… but we like our conspiracy theory about interdimensional travel and time lords better.

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Matt Smith time traveler Beatles photo Doctor Who

Photos: Twitter, Taylor Herring