Video: Matt Smith And Karen Gillan Adorably Perform The Doctor Who Theme Song

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Even if you don't watch Doctor Who, like me you probably have friends who are obsessed with it and you hear endless recommendations of “You need to watch!” and “Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are just the coolest!” Well, I can guarantee the latter without having actually watched the show. See, Matt and Karen were in New York City this week to kick off the show's return. While in town, they stopped by the BuzzFeed offices and were good enough sports that they were willing to perform the crazy theme song.

I thought of you, our readers, because a) you like a capella, as evidenced by our Glee and Pitch Perfect coverage, and b) like me, you need proof for why you should crush on Matt Smith as much as you do on Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, and other delightful British men. But why just talk about the men? I kind of can't get over Karen going “wooo-eee-oooh” in her cute accent.

Here's the actual opening credits, for reference: