Matt Prokop Is Pretty Sure He’s The Victim In The Whole Sarah Hyland Abuse Situation

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Matt Prokop Is Pretty Sure He s The Victim In The Whole Sarah Hyland Abuse Situation Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop Emmys red carpet September 2013 jpgDo you have any spare sympathy to throw Matt Prokop‘s way? Because he seems prettttty convinced that he’s the victim in the breakup between himself and Sarah Hyland. Nice try, bud, but we’re not buying it.

As you may or may not be aware, Matt and Sarah broke up this past summer after dating for around five years. From the outside, they looked like a great couple, but after the split, Sarah revealed that Matt had been emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive to her for the past four years of their relationship, and that she was getting a restraining order against him. At one point near the end, Sarah says Matt pinned her against a car, choking her and calling her the c-word because he didn’t like her outfit. And even when she was finally able to get herself out of it and end things with the help of her Modern Family costar Julie Bowen, Matt allegedly threatened the life of Sarah’s dog, to kill himself, and to burn down her house. Thus the restraining order.

SO THAT’S A LOT. And even though Sarah is wisely keeping quiet about it, Matt is now responding to the breakup in the most passive-aggressive way possible: via deleted tweets. As our friends over at Teen noticed, Matt was pretty active in the days before Halloween, posting and then quickly deleting an image of a story from Tumblr referencing suicide.

Matt Prokop Is Pretty Sure He s The Victim In The Whole Sarah Hyland Abuse Situation Matt Prokops suicide tweet November 2014 jpg

Oh come onnnnnn. I was in eighth grade once, so I’m skilled at reading between the lines of cryptic AIM away messages subtweets, and this one seems to me like it’s pretty directly targeted at Sarah, threatening to end his own life and suggesting that she would somehow be guilty if he did. Which obviously couldn’t be less true.

Matt also posted a message over the weekend saying “First time in 24 years I didn’t celebrate Halloween. Be safe out there guys.”, which seemed like a pretty clear reference to the fact that he and Sarah used to do coordinating costumes like Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm and Beauty and the Beast. And in one more since-deleted post, he said Alex & Sierra’s song ‘Back To You’ described his current situation perfectly:

Are you lonely? Do you miss me anymore?
Is your heart as empty as these arms that used to hold you?
Are you tired? Are you weaker than before?
Are you sinking? ’cause I’ve been thinking that there’s something missing?
Hmm, it’s you

Enough, man! Pull yourself together. If what Sarah says about your relationship is true (and even if it isn’t!), you have absolutely no excuse to be tweeting and deleting like some teenager, especially when she’s behaving so maturely in a really tough situation. You’re twenty-four years old, and you need to start taking responsibility for yourself and acting like it. And getting the eff out of Sarah’s life, while you’re at it.

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