I’m Mad At Matthew McConaughey For Saying Lance Armstrong Isn’t A Liar

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Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong at National Championship Rose Bowl 2006Matthew McConaughey may not be mad at Lance Armstrong, but now I'm kind of mad at Matthew McConaughey.The two of them have been friends for a long time, and Matt stood by Lance and trusted in his innocence through all the doping accusations and denials, until Lance finally admitted his guilt earlier this year. At that point, I would've expected Matt to be angry at Lance. Maybe even more angry than the average person, because instead of just lying to him by proxy, through the media, the way he lied to the rest of us, he lied right into Matthew McConaughey's face and abs. It was a lot more intimate.

And apparently Matt started out being angry about it, which I think is a really natural response when your longtime friend has lied directly to your abs. But then he moved into a reaction a little more…disappointing. As he told Details Magazine:

He told a lie, he's not a liar. ‘When [the news] came out, I took it personally, but then I saw it ain't personal to him. I was going, “That son of a bitch!” But then I thought, “Well, what was he supposed to do? Call me to the side and go, ‘Hey, I did this?' But I'm happy for him now, because despite all this outside conflict, he doesn't have this inner conflict anymore.”

Okay. I have a pretty big problem with the statement, “he told a lie, he's not a liar.” Maybe that's true if you tell a white lie, or you tell a lie one time, or you lie selflessly, to protect someone. If you lie about the same thing every day for fourteen years, and you do so for personal gain, and you threaten the people around you who attempt to reveal the truth…I think maybe then you are a liar. Here's an excerpt from another McConaughey interview, back in January, though, that makes it clear to me that we'll never be on the same page as far as our opinions about Lance:

“Where I am now is I've put myself out of the way and I am happy for this guy, who has now chosen to re-enter this new chapter of his life a truly free man. And the weight he had on his shoulders, without the bogeyman under the bed, the skeleton in the closet that he's carried for 14 years. Fourteen years he lied and carried the lie with him. Some people are never going to forgive him. You know the old line that Oprah said the other night, ‘The truth will set you free'? Yeah, but she forgot one part. It's miserable in the beginning. And it's going to be miserable. But he's looking it in the eye, and he'll handle it. He'll deal. And he's ready for how hard it's going to be to deal.”

Yeah but the thing is, he chose to be miserable. He chose for things to be this hard. He  could've still been a cyclist without doping; he probably could've even still been in the Tour De France without doping. He lied repeatedly for self-gain, and actively endeavored to bring down those who told the truth, so I feel zero percent sorry for him for what he's going through now. I just wish Matthew McConaughey hadn't gotten himself involved too, because it kind of tarnishes my opinion of him, as well.

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