Matt Lauer Dressed As Pamela Anderson In A Halloween Costume I Want To Go Back In Time And Not See

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Matt Lauer Pamela Anderson Today Show Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween, everybody! If you woke up this morning with a burning desire to see Matt Lauer in drag, lucky for you The Today Show obliged. Every Halloween the show's anchors famously dress up according to a common theme. This year's theme was classic TV shows. I watched the first few anchors make their debut, I thought, “Oh that's a pretty convincing costume. La di da, nothing disturbing to see here. I wonder who Matt will be dressed as.” Apparently my brain forgot that Matt has dressed as women twice before, once as Jennifer Lopez in the infamous green Grammy dress, and another time as Paris Hilton. This year he decided third time's the charm and dressed up as Pamela Anderson from Baywatch.

He was the last one to come out, and that was after I'd seen Willie Geist as David Hasselhoff and special guest Carmen Electra as… herself. So part of me knew, when I looked at that poster of the beach that someone was trying to break through, what horrors would emerge, but I think my brain suppressed it until the moment of truth came.

Today Show Halloween Matt Lauer Pamela Anderson Baywatch

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Ahhh his fake boobs even have nipples! I must say, Matt Lauer is a fascinating creature. He usually takes himself so seriously that I relish the moments when people mess with him, like when Miley Cyrus informed him that he's not having sex anymore. So it always surprises me when he goes along with crazy stuff like this. I would prefer not to see it, but it does surprise me.

As for the other costumes, which you can see in a group shot below, Al Roker got out of the A-Team van dressed as Mr. T, and for a second I thought the real Mr. T was there. That's how convincing the costume was. Also, I'm not used to seeing Al without his glasses, so I got confused. Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales, whom I can honestly never tell apart, had a team costume as Laverne and Shirley. Carson Daly donned a blonde wig and rode a motorcycle with the real Erik Estrada to recreate CHiPs, and of course Hods Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford came out in a foot-propelled car as Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone.

Today Show Halloween Costumes 2013

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As much as I want to Eternal Sunshine Matt Lauer's costume out of my brain, I live for Halloween and am a sucker for a convincing Halloween costume, so I gotta give these anchors and all the people who helped put their costumes together some props. Especially the people who helped mold Matt Lauer's boobies and dealt with the crotchal region. They should get a bonus.

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