Matt Damon Isn’t Going To The Bathroom Anymore — But It’s For Charity, So Go Him!

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Matt Damon Charity Video Matt Damon continues to prove that not only is he a great actor, but he has a killer sense of humor and is an all-around wonderful person. There are certain famous men — Hugh Jackman, Jon Hamm, etc. — whom I like so much that I go through every day in constant fear that I will read a news story about them that will destroy my high opinion of them. It's a very stressful existence. But Matt Damon just keeps proving himself to be a great guy. You go, Matt Damon!

This time Matt is making a big sacrifice for a good cause. He recently gave a press conference explaining that 2.5 billion people lack access to a toilet or basic sanitation. Did you know more people have cell phones than have toilets? So, until this problem is solved, Matt's not going to go to the bathroom. At all.

Talk about the ultimate sacrifice for a good cause. How many celebrities do you think would give up their gold-leafed toilets (they have those, right?) for a single day for charity, let alone not going to the bathroom at all? Not many, I tell you. Not many. I mean, I raced to the bathroom after seeing The Hobbit without even having bought a soda. This will be quite the feat.

Matt's making this sacrifice in support of his nonprofit organization Water.org, and he's encouraging everyone to go to StrikeWithMe.org to join the campaign to allow better access to clean water around the world. He doesn't say so, but he would probably advise against trying the bathroom strike yourself. I'm not a doctor, but I think I heard once that going to the bathroom is, like, important for your health or something.

You can watch Matt's press conference below, complete with the revelation that “reporters are dicks” and a fun cameo from New Girl‘s Lamorne Morris.

Matt Damon, proving that the less you pee, the more you know. Or something like that.

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