What If Master Of The Universe Had Dominant Bella And Submissive Edward?

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Master of the Universe submissive Edward dominant Bella subward Fifty Shades of Grey

While looking up Fifty Shades of Grey‘s former life as Twilight fanfic Master of the Universe — because you all know how fascinated I am with Snowqueens Icedragon — I came across an interesting Tumblr post. As you might guess from the username, iluvmormonvampires knows her (I'm assuming) Twilight but isn't blindly obsessed with the series. Instead, she writes criticism and, occasionally, posts parody fic. In May, she jokingly posted a “Master of the Universe fanfic” where instead of dominant Edward schooling Bella in the submissive lifestyle, it's instead a dom Bella who has a sub Edward at her mercy.

Mostly, though, iluvmormanvampires was reminding us how ridiculous the dialogue is:

“Anything else you object to?” she asks softly.

I swallow. “Well, anal intercourse doesn’t exactly float my boat.”

“I’d really like to claim your ass, Edward. But we’ll wait for that. Besides, it’s not something we can dive into,” she smirks at me. “Your ass will need training.”

“Training?” I whisper.

“Oh yes. It’ll need careful preparation. Anal intercourse can be very pleasurable, trust me. But if we try it and you don’t like it, we don’t have to do it again.” She grins down at me. I blink up at her. She thinks I’ll enjoy it?

Who the hell says “claim your ass”? Seriously. I'd especially be interested in seeing how a gender-swap of the story would affect the infamous “Are you on your period?” scene. Even though iluvmormanvampires rewrote some of Master of the Universe mainly for her own amusement, it turns out that there are several committed Twilight fanfic writers who have considered switching up the sub/dom dynamic in the story.

On fanfic referral site The Fictionators, user theladyingrey42 wrote about a trend in Twilight fic called “Subward“—Edward the vampire making himself vulnerable in order to please all of human Bella's needs. The writer of this piece interviewed several fanfic authors and readers, who said that it makes Edward sexier and more complicated if it's difficult for him to give up his power. You have to imagine, then, that by contrast the idea of Bella Swan/Anastasia Steele — who's already meek, puny, and insecure — becoming a submissive is just plain boring. What did she have to change? Nothing, except for shutting up her stupid inner goddess.

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