Celebrity Instagram Creeping: Kardashian Family Birthdays Are A National Event

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Mason Disick, adorable son of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Dick–er, Disick–celebrated his third birthday yesterday with a similar amount of fanfare to the royal wedding.  Most parents go all out for their children's birthdays.  Parents who are part of the Kardashian Klan go all out to epic proportions amongst a sea of wealth and Thomas the Tank Engine. Thanks to Instagram, we get our noses rubbed in this kind of stuff on the reg.

I had a roller skating party once.  My mom crimped my hair for it and everything!  And now that bad ass 90s skate party is hanging its head in shame and embarrassment.  Thanks a lot, Kardashians.

I bet there aren't a whole lot of three-year-olds who get thousands of “Happy Birthday” tweets from the entire nation.  Or a personal message from their mom's website:

“Happy Birthday to my most precious angel who has forever changed my heart,” Kourtney wrote on her website Friday. “I will never forget the day you entered my life, three years ago. It is an honor and a joy to watch you grow every day.”


Speaking of growing, can we stop it with Mason's hair already?  Yeesh.  He's so going to resent you one day for making him look like a poor man's Ryder Russell Robinson.

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