Even If This Model Is Mason Disick’s Biological Father, Let’s Not Forget It’s Scott Disick Who Raised Him

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Mason Disick Scott Disick December 15 2012 holiday shoppingThere's nothing worse than reading a news story that makes me feel the need to jump to Scott Disick's defense. But alas, thanks to a male model's claims that he slept with Kourtney Kardashian 9 month before Mason Disick's birth, I'm forced to play Lord Disick's knight in shining armor.

So ugh, here we go. Michael Girgenti, a male model who's likely looking to boost his public profile a bit, says he has suspicions that he's Mason Disick's biological father. Suspicions that arose when he recently overheard that babies take nine months to grow in a belly. And suddenly realized that he did (allegedly) have sex with Kourtney Kardashian nine months before she popped out Mason. So one plus one = tabloidpalooza. Or parenthood. Either/or really.

We started kissing, making out and touching each other,” Girgenti, an Italian-Greek hunk, recalled to the magazine. “My shirt was off. We were fooling around on the couch a little while before I took her to the bedroom.”

The 26-year-old Girgenti said he “slipped [Kourtney's] clothes off,” after which “she helped me undress and we fell into bed.”

Michael said the sex “was great,” and estimated it lasted as long as 20 minutes. He said he and Kourtney never talked about using protection, and he assumed she was on the pill and proceeded as such.

While he claims that he's suspected that he's Mason's bio dad all along, he's demanding the paternity test now because  “I would definitely want to acknowledge Mason if he’s my kid – he deserves to know his real father.” And not because he wants headlines and attention and all the stuff that comes along with getting entangled with the Kardashians.

Even though there's the possibility that he's telling the truth, there's no way that he gets to come in three and a half years after the kid is born and say stuff like “I'm his real dad” and Scott Disick doesn't belong in the picture anymore. Because it turns out that being a real dad is about more than having sex. Even, and yes pay attention Michael, even if the sex did last for 20 whole minutes.

I'm no fan of Scott Disick, or the Kardashians in general, but since he's the one who's raised Mason from day one, I think he's the one who gets the retain the title of real dad.

And thus ends a rare and uncomfortable moment of compassion for Scott Disick.

(Photo: Brett Kaffee/Thibault Monnier, PacificCoastNews.com)