Mary-Louise Parker To Replace Demi Moore As Gloria Steinem In Lovelace

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Following her hospitalization for “exhaustion,” Demi Moore has reportedly been replaced in the role of feminist leader Gloria Steinem in 70s porn biopic Lovelace by fellow ageless beauty Mary Louise Parker.

According to Us Weekly, the film was left looking for a new Gloria Steinem after Moore dropped out earlier this week, and Parker fit the bill. I know it's hard to keep the two bipoics straight, so I'll remind you that this is the one that stars Amanda Seyfried as the troubled porn star and never tarnished its name by casting Lindsay Lohan. Gloria Steinem will not play a major part in the film, but is an important (and largely beloved) historical figure whom I imagine most actresses would be excited to play.

My first thought on hearing this news, as well as the previous news Moore would play her, was to be annoyed that someone so glamorous was being tapped for this part. Not only that, but Parker has made a name for herself on Weeds playing a selfish character with little political consciousness who gladly engages in gender normative behavior to get what she wants. But a closer look shows that Parker does bear a passing resemblance to Steinem, and you pretty much have to be glamorous to be a Hollywood actress, so there's not much to be done about that. It's also kind of weird that only actresses 10+ years older than Steinem was when Deepthroat came out are being cast in the role, but the 47-year-old Parker could probably pass for 38. I guess they're accounting for the difference in aging between a regular person, and an actress who devotes lots of time and money to looking as young as possible for as long as possible.

(Via Us Weekly)