The Only Shocking Thing About This Photo Of Mary-Kate Olsen Smoking Is That She’s Smaller Than Her Boyfriend’s Daughter

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Mary-Kate Olsen smoking cigarette Olivier Sarkozy underage daughterAfter Hilary Duff‘s Cigarette-gate, our hackles are of course raised when we spot young celebrities photographed holding cancer sticks. And seeing as Mary-Kate Olsen is very clearly puffing on her cigarette and not “holding” it for boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy, that's cause for alarm, right? Don't even get me started on how his teenage daughter is right there beside her!

But somehow this photo just can't move me the same way that we were outraged when new mom Hil was caught smoking in the vicinity of her impossibly adorable newborn Luca Cruz Comrie. Sorry to say, but part of what shocked us was that it was Lizzie McGuire getting caught in a grown-up act, whereas we haven't regarded the Olsen twins as young since Mary-Kate had to go to rehab for her eating disorder. What with their bag-lady outfits and MK's predilection for roles where she makes out with Ben Kingsley, a cigarette is tame.

Really, what surprises me here is how damn tiny Mary-Kate is in comparison to her boyfriend's daughter! Us doesn't specify how old the kid is (they call her “underage” in relation to the taboo smoking), but in at least one photo she almost looks to be taller than her potential new stepmother. That must be so weird that you're eye-level with the woman that your dad is kissing. Or is it just me who finds it odd?

Anyway, they're French. I wouldn't be surprised if the kid has her own pack of smokes hidden away from the paparazzo's lens.

Photo: Caroline Torem Craig/WENN.com