Mary-Kate Olsen And Her Totally Normal Aged 42-Year-Old French Boyfriend Are Moving To NYC Together

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I'm trying to remain calm about the news that Mary-Kate Olsen, sister of Trent Olsen, will be moving just 10 blocks from my apartment. But I can't because OMG ASHTMA ATTACK, I could now run into her just walking around the neighborhood. My odds of spotting her and her boyfriend/father Olivier Sarkozy are especially high because I plan on spending all my free time camping out on their block.

The New York Post reports the following juicy deets about their/our new home:

Obviously he’s into twins. Olivier Sarkozy, 42, the much older beau of elf-like Mary-Kate Olsen, 26, has plunked down $6.25 million for a storied East 10th Street townhouse, which, like the “Full House” star, has a twin. The half-brother of the former French president bought the pad alone, but plans to share the palatial 146-year-old love nest with Olsen, sources said. Sarkozy is buying it because he and Olsen “like that it is old,” a real estate insider told The Post’s Jennifer Gould Keil.

The punchline sets itself up…”they like it because it's old.” Get it? Olivier is 42. That's 16 years older than Mary-Kate Olsen for all you numbers-obsessed people out there. Ironically, despite the age gap, Mary-Kate has accomplished much more in her lifetime. How many musical mysteries does Olivier have under his belt? Like, none.

At least none as good as this gem.


Now that you've used 22 minutes of your valuable time watching that Oscar-snubbed film,  move to NYC and join me as I stalk/befriend Mary-Kate Olsen. After all, who can turn down a neighbor. Especially one who follows you around.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)