Let’s Acknowledge That Mary-Kate Olsen’s Relationship With Her 42-Year Old Boyfriend Is Super Creepy

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I have a bone to pick with Mary-Kate Olsen. Sure, it's none of my business, and it's great that you're happy — but GIRL. Your boyfriend is OLD. Mary-Kate, 26, is currently dating Olivier Sarkozy, who is 42-years old. He's also French-American and the half-brother to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, so I guess I should have a little perspective, but instead I don't. Just look at these news photos if you want to get on the same page as me.

People date outside their age group all the time, but I feel like usually it's not as glaring as this. Usually the two people look close enough that it doesn't bother me, I guess? But I have this image of Mary-Kate from Full House, and she's literally a child. And then some 42-year old guy (who actually looks a little older than his age, if we're being honest) is kissing her on the cheek at a Knicks game, and I'm like — oh, her dad! No. Not her dad. Her boyfriend. Her sixteen years older boyfriend.

Oh weird. Now that I did the math, I'm realizing he's not that much older, but something about it still creeps me out more than it does when I see like…Hugh Hefner and his 21-year olds. Gross, but I'm somehow used to it. I think it's because those women don't have their own stuff going on. They're not known in their own right as successful actresses or businesswomen like Mary-Kate and her twin Ashley. They're just aspiring models letting some wrinkly guy put it in maybe sometimes when he can.

But MK is successful! She has her own fashion lines and production companies and blah blah blah, so somewhere in my brain I have to accept that this is most likely a real, loving relationship where they do real things like sit at their kitchen table and talk about the election, and how Mary-Kate was just being born when Olivier was getting his driver's license. You know — breakfast talk.

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