Are The Olsen Twins Trolling Hollywood Starlets With This Prescription Pill Backpack?

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen twins new handbag $55,000 prescription pills trolling Hollywood starlets The RowMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may have left their acting careers behind for fashion, but their latest piece proves that they still have their fingers on the Hollywood pulse. In fact, I had to stare at the photo of their newest handbag for a minute to be sure it's exactly what it looks like: A $55,000 Nile crocodile backpack adorned with prescription pills.

For their line The Row, the 26-year-old former child stars have collaborated with artist Damien Hirst on a limited collection of these ludicrously expensive bags. There are only 12 being sold, with the proceeds going to UNICEF. But while that's an admirable goal, I have to wonder what their message is with the bags themselves. Some of them are plain and others have Hirst's signature dots, but several also feature what are unmistakably pills. According to Just One Eye, the online boutique selling the collaborations, this design “blurs the line between high art and high fashion.” We mostly think it blurs the line between societal commentary and “lol u mad.”

With a five-figure price tag, no one but the Olsen twins' famous young female peers are gonna be picking this up. So it has to be some sort of dig at Hollywood starlets, right? The worst problem we've seen befall the Olsens was Mary-Kate's anorexia; nothing about issues with pills. But as Starcasm points out, it's truly surprising that Mary-Kate went forward with this, considering how close she was to Heath Ledger, who died of a pill overdose in 2008.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen twins new handbag $55,000 prescription pills trolling Hollywood starlets The RowIt's just really surprising that the Olsens would glamorize drug use. Then again, they've stayed out of the spotlight for so long — MK's last role was in 2011's Beastly, but Ashley hasn't acted since their last Olsen twin movie New York Minute in 2004 — that maybe they felt alienated from Hollywood. I wouldn't be surprised if they saw enough of the drug culture to make them cynical enough to put out a pill-covered backpack.

Or maybe they just want to be controversial. God knows it wouldn't be the first time.

Photos: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com, Just One Eye