Ellen Has Mary-Kate And Ashley Play The Twin Version Of The Newlywed Game, Hilarity Ensues

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen playing me or her on Ellen April 2014I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ellen DeGeneres is an interview wizard. She knows the exact questions to ask to make her guests seem interesting and likable while also revealing secrets they might not have told anyone else, and her chat with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen was no exception.

The girls came on the show to promote their new perfume line through Sephora, Nirvana Black and Nirvana White and since they split up to create two different scents, Ellen came up with a game that would show us some of their real life differences as well. It's called ‘Me Or Her', and I don't know if it exists outside The Ellen Showbut it's basically a twin version of The Newlywed Game.

Ellen asks a question like which of them is messier, and they both have to turn around little paddles that say HER or ME. You learn a lot about the twins — namely that they're pretty indecisive and (unsurprisingly) similar. For every question that Ellen asks, they make sustained eye contact while they figure out which way the paddles should face. It's a weirdly intimate look at the dynamics in their relationship, and I'm obsessed with it.

And even if you're not as tickled as I am by them calling themselves out on not being good at singing and Mary-Kate panicking about Ellen spraying perfume in her mouth because she ‘hadn't been on TV in a while', you must have at least gotten joy out of all the things strangers ask them when they're out in public. They were all hilarious, but I think “Are you the Ashley twins?” is my favorite. Especially when you're talking to one person. Amazing.

I'd honestly watch them do an entire interview just discussing the random things that strangers say to them, so the fact that they also play a fun game in this clip is just an added bonus.