16 Iconic Mary-Kate & Ashley Moments You Haven’t Thought About in Forever

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In these dark political days, don’t you ever wish you could go back to being a kid? Back to when Trump was merely an amusing reality show star that your parents watched on The Apprentice? Well, it’s your lucky day: time travel is possible, and its name is Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. From their thumbs-upping on Full House to their Dualstar Productions content-producing MACHINE, these girls gave our youths an extra-special glow (that may or may not have colored our adulthoods). In every movie they made throughout the years, there are some truly iconic (and slightly bizarre) moments that just stick, man.

Behold 16 moments from America’s Favorite Twins that will take you right back to the days of popping in that VHS and slurping your Go-Gurt after school.