A Definitive Ranking of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Movies

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#11. Switching Goals (1999)


The plot: Thirteen-year-old identical twins Sam (Mary-Kate Olsen) and Emma Stanton (Ashley Olsen) couldn't be more different: Sam's a soccer star and tomboy, but she wants to meet boys; Emma's a girly-girl who has no problem in the guy department, but wants to be better at sports. I think you see where this is going. Yep, the girls pull the ol' switcheroo. What happens next is lots of soccer drama, boy drama, and all-around tween drama. And spoiler alert: they both end up with dates in the end, natch.

Famous cameos:

  • Michael Cera (Superbad and Juno) plays Taylor, one of the not-so-great soccer players on The Buzzards.
  • Trevor Blumas (Ice Princess) plays Greg Jefferies, Sam's love interest.

The ranking: This ended up at #11 because while the twins were great in the movie, the plot was full of anti-feminism overtones and the girl's dad just ~really~ got on my nerves. Dude, it's 1999 — girls can play sports just as well as guys can. Get it together, Jerry.