16 Actresses That Kick Butt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Whether you love them or hate them, superhero films are dominating the box office and don’t look to be stopping. Leading that charge is none other the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whose ten years of delivering blockbuster hit-after-hit has made them the one to beat. This summer alone they've released two movies that have made nearly $1.5 BILLION dollars in the Box Office combined. Though, with the lineup of movies Marvel Studios has for the next few years, it doesn’t look like anyone will be able to knock them off the top — though DC Comics is certainly giving them a run for their money.

For every great hero, there’s an equally (if not more so) amazing heroine by their side waiting to save the day. While the MCU may not have a Womder Woman, the comic book giant certainly does have a lot of superwomen rounding out their cast and kicking butt along with the boys.