Watch 30 Rock’s Fake Trailer For The Martin Luther King Day Movie

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Emma Stone and Andy Samberg in 30 Rock's Martin Luther King Day movie

A few weeks ago, word leaked that Emma Stone and Andy Samberg had joined the cast for a Martin Luther King Day movie in the vein of sappy ensemble romantic comedies like Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. However, we quickly learned that it was actually a gag from an upcoming episode of 30 Rock.

Then last night, the fake trailer kind of came and went. It was definitely funny, but it took up less than a minute of airtime. I think that we all on the internet just got way psyched about this parody and built it up to be more than it was. Still, you have to admire Emma and Andy — excuse me, “Andrew Samberg” — for playing up the lovelorn platonic coworkers.

And Nick Cannon‘s line “Sounds like… you have a dream” is delivered perfectly. So, enjoy the trailer for an ensemble movie that could be ironically funny.

That said, my favorite will still be the fake movie from Friends with Benefits, starring Jason Segel and Rashida Jones as a couple prone to such unintelligible lines as “Looks like New York's all out of blueberries.”