Where Are They Now?: The Cast of Married… With Children

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Married… With Children is one of few shows that could find success with such a dark comedic plot line. It followed the life of the Bundy family, most specifically Al Bundy. Al is a miserable women's’shoe salesman. Al’s wife, Peggy, is lazy, while his son Bud is dysfunctional and his daughter Kelly is dim-witted. The show gave us a fairly dated trope, where the husband blames his wife for his miserable life. Despite that, it also gave us someone of the most memorable families on TV and some of the best television actors.

To this day, Ed O’Neill is still going strong on our TV screens and he’s even gotten less cranky as time goes on! Katey Sagal has gone on to have a fairly prolific career, proving she can play more than just a lazy housewife. See what the cast of Married… With Children is up to now! And can you believe it has already been 20 years since this show aired its final episode in 1997? Insanity.