Season 2 Trailer For Married To Jonas Shows That Danielle And Kevin Are Still Pretending To Be Married

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Kevin Jonas Married to Jonas Season Two

Well isn't this sweet in an odd sorta way. While watching the season two trailer for the hit marriage mockumentary show Married to Jonas, I couldn't help but notice that Kevin Jonas is still pretending to be married to Danielle Jonas. Yes, yes, yes, I know that they're legally married. I'm talking about being emotionally married. It's a whole different thing, mostly because it involves the two people liking each other.

I think if we learned one thing from the first season of the show, it's that they're taking things slowly as a couple. I'm 90% sure that they're still in the pecking stage of the relationship. That's that thing where you kiss chastely on the lips while simultaneously making sure that no other parts of the body are touching. It's much harder than it looks. Unless of course you only got married for publicity reasons, then it's very easy. Because  then it's like, ew, yucky, “hello this is Kevin Jonas, I'd like to reserve one ticket to Vom City.”

But despite the fact they don't appear to be at all interested in each other, they're still carrying on with the whole dog and pony show. (Yes, this season, they're getting a dog and a pony! Mostly to use during episodes when NOTHING happens.) Here's what I've already learned from watching this 23-second trailer. Danielle's annoyed with Kevin because every day she wakes up and remember that she married him. And Kevin's still speaking in barely audible whispers.

Also Danielle's dad still lives with them in an '80s sitcom “oh hey there neighbor who always enters without knocking” kinda way. So needless to say, I'm very excited for it to premiere next month.