On Married To Jonas, The Hardest Part About Working For Cosmo Is Picking The Right Outfit

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Kevin Jonas Danielle Jonas

On the season two finale of Married to Jonas, Timid And Anxious Danielle Jonas became Cosmo Career Woman Danielle Jonas. That's right guys, this week Dani started her new job. And by “job” I mean, Cosmo is going to feature her in their new cooking column just this one time. But she and sister Dina seem to be pretty convinced that Cosmo is offering her some sort of Carrie Bradshaw-esque writing career.

Just like any other Cosmo writer, Dani's career begins with her whole family coming over to do a photo shoot to accompany her article. Well, I guess the Deleasas didn't really have to come over; they were already there because they currently live with Dani and Kevin. But all of her famous Jonas in laws did make the trip. Even the little-seen Bonas Jonas aka Frankie Jonas aka the Jo Bro's youngest brother who evidentially didn't make the cut at family band auditions, came along.

With all these Jonases and Deleasas around to help, everything must be smooth sailing for our new career woman, right? I'm sorry to say you could not be more wrong because the Deleasas have absolutely no idea what to wear to a Comso photo shoot.

Take sister Dina. The cosmo stylist could not have been more unimpressed with Dina's wardrobe selection. First, he says that her clothes won't work for the photo shoot. Then he tells her that they actually just don't work for anything and she should get rid of them.

But sister Katie takes the cake for outfit woes. Katie's first outfit choice is a short and sexy LBD that would work great for a Cosmo cover, but maybe not for a family cooking segment. Mama Deleasa definitely agrees and puts the cabosh on the dress. Next, Katie puts on a short demi mini and white tank. Personally, I thought the look was cute and age appropriate for the youngest Deleasa sister, but then Papa Bucky Deleasa came in and ruined everything by telling Katie she looked like a cheerleader and causing her to freak out.

At this point I did feel a little bit sorry for Katie. Seriously Deleasa parents, your teenage daughter does not care about your opinions on her wardrobe, especially when she's trying to find something to wear to be featured in Cosmo, a magazine that like all of her friends probably read. Got it?

No, I'm afraid they did not get it. The cosmo stylist worked his magic for Katie one last time finding her a cute colored jeans and t-sheet combo, but Mom just could not keep her mouth shut, asking Katie if she got the clothes from her closet because they looked so conservative. Really, Mom? You've already seen your daughter change clothes like a million times and when she finally finds something she likes, you accuse her of wearing mom clothes? Really?

In the end, Katie ends up wearing the colored pants and white tee outfit, all the Deleasas find Cosmo-approved outfits to wear, Hubby Kevin Jonas is so proud of Dani for…whatever she did, and everyone was happy.

That is, until later when brother Mikey Deleasa leaves the family nest in NJ to pursue his music career in LA. Papa Bucky took the news especially hard because, you know, he likes his son and just wishes he could follow his dreams and still be around. Gee, if only he had some relatives with connections in the music industry who could help him find work in nearby NYC… But to be fair, the Jo Bros did ask Mikey to open for them on their South American tour. Maybe they think they've done enough.

As for our career woman Dani, I think it's safe to say her future is bright. When we leave her, she's hard at work on her article. Nothing can distract her from meeting her deadline. That is, until Kevin comes in and totally interrupts her to chat. Can't a working woman get some space? She needs to finish up her column about the process of making a family dinner or whatever it is she's writing about.

But I guess it's whatevs. Working girls need some play time, too. Besides, life's not about work. It's about love and family and looking to the future. Oh, and making an awesome TV show. So, I guess it's safe to say those Jonases have got this life thing all figured out.

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