Mark-Paul Gosselaar Ages Like A Fine Wine And I’m Still In Love

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Last night was an exciting night on TV for me, because my two favorite childhood crushes both have new shows and while one (John Stamos) premiered his, the other (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his.

While I just waxed poetic on how I love John Stamos mainly because he embraces his Full House roots and has fun with it, Mark-Paul is very much the same. He’s appeared on Jimmy’s show twice in character as Zack Morris, and knows that his tombstone will probably say something about Zack Morris, and fans will be bringing big 80s cell phones to his grave. But I just depressed myself thinking about that day, so.. moving on..

It was the first time that Mark-Paul has appeared as himself on Fallon and he discussed his new show, Truth be Told, as well as gave some tidbits about his Saved by the Bell days, of course. I’m an embarrassingly huge SBTB fan, so I basically knew all of this anyway, but it’s always fun to hear him talk about the show since (despite what Lifetime and Dustin Diamond want you to believe) they were a group of kids that genuinely had a great time filming that show. I really don’t think there was any major drama or anything too salacious, and that’s what makes it really kind of sweet. As wholesome as the show was, it seems like the kids on it were, too. And I love that.

Anyway, give his interview a watch and rejoice in the fact that he’s still really good looking, and seems really likable and funny. I’ll never not love you, Zack Morris (ahem, Mark-Paul Gosselaar).

(Photo: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)