Video: Comedian Mark Malkoff Does Celebrity Sleepovers With Kate Walsh, Dave Coulier, And Others

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Comedian Mark Malkoff has done plenty of funny and even charming stunt pieces in New York City, like living in an IKEA or going to all 171 of Manhattan's Starbucks locations in one day. But for his latest video, Mark went to Los Angeles to see how many famous celebrities would let him spend the night — or even just rest his eyes for a few — at their houses. “Celebrity Sleepovers” is the chronicle of the thirteen stars who opened their doors to this stranger, and the one (Rob Corddry) who cursed him out.

Mark says that he reached out to the celebrities over Facebook and e-mail to set up his sleeping arrangements beforehand; it's surprising how many readily agreed to not only let a stranger stay in their house, but be videotaped. The most adorable by far was Private Practice‘s Kate Walsh, who showed up to the door in flannel pajamas and even called Mark's wife to assure him that she's not attracted to the comedian.

And lest you think Mark went the easy route and chose a bunch of has-beens, he also sleeps over with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, Full House‘s Dave Coulier, and Mary Lynn Rajskub from 24. Again, these guys are all good sports and actually go along with his jokes in front of the camera. (Unless Lisa Loeb just happens to have a paper dollhouse laying around.) It's the best reminder that despite the red carpet shows, designer clothing, and faces blown up on billboards and movie screens, these are real people.

You can check out the rest of Mark's videos at My Damn Channel.