The Best And Worst Songs About The Election Come Courtesy Of Mariah Carey And Lil’ Debbie

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Election 2012 might be over, but the musical tributes to Barack Obama are just beginning. Good ones, bad ones, and utterly shittastic ones. There's room for everyone! But who's released the best and, more importantly, worst song about the election? Let's take a look.

First up, we have Mariah Carey‘s “Bring It On Home,” an inspiring track dedicated to the President:

As you can hear, it is gospel-y, heartfelt, and generally not terrible. The lyrics are pretty predictable, but they get the job done, and we're even treated to a flexing of Mariah's insane vocal range. I'll take it.

Then there's this song from Kreayshawn‘s sister Lil' Debbie, who seems to be striking out on her own following her sibling's glowing critical success:

It features trollsome white joke(?) rapper Riff Raff, who delivers the wonderfully nonsensical refrain:

“Presidential tint/Michelle Obama/frozen femurs in your freezer/Jeffrey Dahmer

Is he actually saying “presidential tit?” Who knows! All I know is this is probably the most punchable music video I've seen in a while. Lil' Debbie's voice is more annoying than Kreayshawn's, if that's even possible, her flow even worse, and she lacks Kreay's redeeming quality of good fashion sense.

That said, it was probably their goal to make a punchable music video, because that is “funny” to them, so maybe they were successful in their project after all. I look forward to seeing what other shitty songs people record about Barack Obama in the future.

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