Mara Wilson Says Wonderful Things About Sex And Feminism, So Props To Miss Honey For Raising Her Up Right

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Mara Wilson Laci Green Talks Sex

I wish I was Matilda approximately every 14 minutes. Or more accurately, anytime I'm too lazy to get up and get something. “Fetch me an omelette,” I say to my brain every day, hoping that one day it will actually work. (And that “Little Bitty Pretty One” will automatically start playing.) But alas, just as I've come to accept that I'm not getting a Hogwarts letter, I'm starting to also accept that I'll never be able to move things with my mind. However the second best thing to being Matilda is seeing that  Mara Wilson, the actress who played her in the movie, is all grown up and doing well. (Okay fine, it's the third best thing. The  second best thing would be someone making a Matilda prequel about the Trunchbull's teenage years.)

A child star doing well? I know, it's wacky. But she is doing well and we know that from an article she recently wrote for Cracked about growing up in the spotlight.  And now we're getting another chance to check in with her since she guest starred on an episode of the Youtube series, Sex + with Laci Green. While speaking with Laci, she covered losing her virginity, sex education in this country, sex in a cup (!?) and being a feminist. And she covered it all perfectly. Just perfectly.

Even though she seems content to stay out of the spotlight, I wish she would use her platform — and she most certainly has one among '90s kids who will most certainly see her face 10,000 times over the holiday season when Miracle on 34th Street starts playing on repeat — to share her views more often. Specifically on feminism. We're living in a horribly frightening time where celebrities are scared to say they're pro-women. The more celebs who come out and do, the more it will be okay for normals to say, “I think women are equal to men.” Something that I thought we settled years ago when we went from skirts to skorts to shorts, but I guess not.