Mara Wilson Does A Badass Job Explaining Why She Isn’t Doing Mrs. Doubtfire 2

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Mara Wilson in Mrs. Doubtfire GIF we're his goddamn kids tooWhile you're been having a normal couple days just going about your business, former child star and current badass Mara Wilson has been really having a moment on Twitter trying to explain why she doesn't want to do the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel. Like it's getting weirdly heated.

As you may know, Mara played Robin Williams and Sally Field's youngest child in the original version, out in 1993, so a lot of people were wondering if Mara would reprise her role for the just-announced sequel, and they were asking her about it on social media. But luckily, Mara seems to be the only other human being in the world who's as opposed to it as we are (why try to follow up a near-perfect movie twenty years later??), and she has absolutely no issues saying that, tweeting:

And then the internet exploded. Pretty much every outlet picked up the story that the ‘star' of Mrs. Doubtfire had ‘slammed' the film, huffily declaring that she wouldn't be a part of it. (In the media's defense, it's been a really slow news week.) But to her credit, Mara has really held her own in the whole discussion, as you're about to see from her tweets over the past couple days.

They're kind of hard to find in her feed for reasons that I'll explain shortly, so here they are all together, for all your comprehension needs.


You may disagree with her choice not to do the movie, but you can't argue with the girl's logic. Unplanned sequels usually crop up because the movie made a surprising amount of money, and everyone involved wants to milk that.


Ah yes, and this is why it's so difficult to find all her tweets on the subject, because they're sprinkled in amongst tweets from comedians, Mara's own writing for sites like Cracked.com, and just generally interesting things that you should probably check out.

Oh and did I mention? There are a few really choice zingers.

Get it girl.

And self-deprecating humor, too? Where do I sign?

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Sorry Mara. But if it helps, you're doing a helluva job out there.

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