Mara Wilson And Lisa Jakub’s Awesome Relationship Proves Mrs. Doubtfire Did Something Right

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If you came of age in the early nineties and you haven't been following the current internet explosion surrounding the possibility of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, shame on you.  If you think there are bigger, more tragic issues out there than the fact that one of your favorite childhood movies might be subject to the franchise treatment, think again.  If you need to get caught up on all the juicy deets, I recommend you do so.  Basically what it boils down to is that after 20 years, Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus are really into resurrecting Euphegenia Doubtfire while some other members of the cast are not.  Namely Mara Wilson and Lisa Jakub, who played Hillard siblings Lyddie and Natalie.

These two former actresses, current badasses/talented writers were immediately hounded on Twitter upon news of the sequel breaking.  And they handled themselves splendidly, if you ask me.  It's clear that while Mara might be against making another movie and Lisa isn't sure about it, the original Mrs. Doubtfire allowed these two awesome ladies to develop a legitimate friendship that I, as a '90s movie lover and wannabe writer, have previously stalked/admired/envied:

I love that they refer to each other as “sisters,” and I love their articulate and earnest responses regarding the sequel and internet trolls.  I have no idea what another Mrs. Doubtfire movie could possibly offer other than a lot of money and major potential for disappointment, and the revival of Matthew Lawrence‘s acting career (am slightly curious to see how that Mrs. Doubtfire peeing-while-standing-up affected poor Chris Hillard in the long-term).  But I do know I love following the friendship of these two awesome ladies.

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