First Mara Wilson, Now Lisa Jakub…I Can’t Get Enough Of Mrs. Doubtfire Alums

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Lisa Jakub Mrs. Doubtfire Blog May 31 2013

Mara Wilson, better known as the cute little kid in Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda, has turned out to be a pretty fabulous adult.  We heard from her earlier this week when she speculated on why child stars tend to grow up and completely lose their shit ala Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan and countless others.  Lo and behold, it turns out Mara's fellow Mrs. Doubtfire alum, Lisa Jakub (she was the angsty older sister for those of you who need to Google this information) is also a blogger we could get on board with.

She, like Mara, isn't all that interested in acting anymore… or at least knew she needed to take time away from it because she felt “there had to be more to life than premieres and pretending to be other people.”  See, some child stars can turn out to be pretty awesome! She talks about leaving Hollywood at age 22 to move to Virginia with her boyfriend, to whom she's now married. Jakub graduated from college and has been writing and enjoying ho-hum normalcy ever since. Her last major feature was 1997's The Beautician and the Beast starring Fran Drescher and Timothy Dalton:

Mrs. Doubtfire



Anyway, Jakub also sheds some light on how residual checks work in case we assumed that since ABC Family has Mrs. Doubtfire on loop, that she and the rest of the cast were taking regular Scrooge McDuck gold coin baths:

“I heard that somebody who had worked on Jurassic Park went to their mailbox one day to find a check for $100,000. I’m not sure if that is really true, or just one of those urban legends that was intended to increase morale amongst us working actors in a sometimes brutal industry.  Just to be clear, I have never stumbled across such a residual check.  Here’s how it works – when my movies or TV shows are rented or shown on television, I get a fraction of a penny. Those pennies get bundled together and the checks arrive randomly, sometimes a couple of them show up one week, other times there is nothing for months.  The amount has diminished over time, these days, the average check is about $4.71. Occasionally they are more and my husband and I get to have a nice dinner out. But then there are times when the check wouldn’t cover the price of the stamp and it can be a little embarrassing to take a 23 cent check to the bank.”

While I happen to believe Robin Williams‘ dinosaur rap song is worth its weight in millions alone, I guess that's just not how it works for old 90's movies.

Regardless, I love seeing former child stars who aren't severely troubled!  Now how do we convince Matthew Lawrence to start a blog?

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