Mara Wilson Explains Why Child Stars Go Crazy, But Not How Brucie Ate That Entire Chocolate Cake

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Mara Wilson Matilda Movie

A little over a year ago I discovered that Mara Wilson blogged. This was, without a doubt, the next best thing to teaching myself to move objects with my eyes. (Something I still work on over slow weekends.) Not only does she blog on the reg, but she's good at it! I would read her posts even if she wasn't one of my favorite child stars from the '90s. That's why I got so excited to see that she wrote a blog on Cracked.com called 7 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy (An Insider's Perspective). Considering that she's a child star who made it out of Hollywood in pretty good shape, she actually does have some insight on the experience that very few people have.

Seriously, take a moment to think about it right now and see if you can name 5 other female child stars who successfully made it through Hollywood without any scandals. Off the top of my head I can only name Hilary Duff, Emma Watson, Lacey Chabert and Melissa Joan Hart. (And I'm not sure I can count MJH having seen Holiday in Handcuffs. But that's a more personal thing.)

What prompted the private former-celebrity-current-blogger to write this article? She's trying to help us (the normals) understand what's going on with people like Amanda Bynes right now — to remind us that none of these kids grow up normally. There are a lot of factors that go into turning child stars into out-of-control adults. On one hand, we all know this. On the other hand, we're all still following this particular breakdown as it was a scripted miniseries and not someone's real life.

While I don't want to copy and paste the article from Cracked, I will say that she touched on the importance of having good parents while working in the industry as well as puberty being a total game changer. I think we do forget how hard it must be psychologically for these kids to go through their teen years in the public eye. [Insert your own puberty memories here.] Because not only do they get criticized by us muggles, but they also stop getting jobs. Can you imagine if your career depended on your looks at 12 years old? Can you imagine what that would do to your self-esteem? It certainly sheds some light on why Amanda Bynes is so obsessed with flattering photos of herself. I survived two rounds of braces and Harry-Potter-size glasses and I never had to worry how it would affect my grades.

So yeah, the article's definitely worth a read. Not only to shed light on why child stars go crazy, but also to remind yourself why you still love Mara Wilson. Even if loving her in 2013 means letting go of the fantasy that she's off somewhere with Miss Honey.

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