The Movie Mansome Reminds Us It Takes A Lot For Men To Be Handsome

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If you think men wake up everyday, throw on a pair of mesh shorts and walk out of the house feeling confident, you're completely wrong. Or so the new Morgan Spurlock documenary Mansome wants you to think.

The documentary explores how men are catching up to women in the beauty flaws department and how magazines like Men's Health are speeding up the insecurity complex by suggesting a man has to be flawless to be fuckable. We watch them obsess over hair, mustaches, body hair, body mustaches and what it means to be a man in our modern society. Well not body mustaches, but after seeing some of the more quirky hair-obsessed men in this film, I wouldn't be surprised if that's a thing.

I mean, I saw another man shave a pro-wrestler's ass shelf in this documentary. Yes, his ass shelf. That's a new phrase I learned from Mansome and one that I'll definitely be weaving into my regular vocabulary.

“Does this headband make my ass shelf look fat?” 

Another man talks about the little-known world of competitive bearding and a third man talks about how growing up Sikh made him strive for metrosexuality perfection. After each man spoke, I thought, “welcome to our world brother friend, welcome.”

In between the various chapters of the documentary, producers and former Arrested Development co-stars Jason Bateman and Will Arnett debate their manhood and what it means to be masculine in this day and age of Fresh Balls (yep, that's a thing that is exactly what it sounds like) and toupees. And they debate it while getting various spa treatments like facials and back massages and pedicures — as if it's part of their daily routine. “Gotta shine my wife's trophy,” is how Will Arnet puts it as they leave the spa completely refreshed.

While the rest of the movie could be categorized as semi-enlightening, the Jason and Will Bromance dialogue makes it worth paying to go and see. Maybe I'm just nostalgic for Arrested Development, but I think they play off each other so well and I actually wish they'd had bigger parts in the movie.

I could listen to the two them talk about nose hair trimming all day long. But that's because I appreciate men who take time and effort to be mansome.

(Photos: Screencrush/GeekTyrant)