Another Couple Got Engaged at an Adele Concert, So This Is Officially a Thing Now

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Just a few weeks after a couple got engaged during her Leap Day concert, another pair fell under the spell of Adele (say that 5 times fast) and made things official at one of her shows. During Adele's rendition of “Make You Feel My Love” at her London concert Johnny Biggle proposed to his girlfriend Natalie King. The proposal caught the attention of the singer who, from the stage, said “I thought there was a fight at first. I saw the camera-phone lights and then I saw arms went up and I then got sweet kissing.” She invited the couple on stage to bask in their love and let Natalie show off her newly acquired bling on the big screen. Turns out the parents to a five-year-old son have been together for 12 and a half years to which Adele responds, “So you've been going out longer than I've been making music?”

They then shared that “Make You Feel My Love” is their song making the proposal all the more special. Adele was clearly touched by Johnny's proposal and tells them “That was the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed at one of my shows.”

So anyone out there who is looking to get a ring fast, start hanging out at Adele concerts. You at least know the person has great taste in music, so you're off to good start.