If You’re Not Already In Superhero Fatigue, Here’s The Full Trailer For Superman Origin Story Man Of Steel

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This trailer will probably get pulled soon, so watch first and then we'll talk! …OK, great. The teaser trailers for Zack Snyder‘s Superman reboot/origin story Man of Steel are already out, but a fan caught this video in the theaters of the official, full-length trailer. It's a little difficult to look ahead to another fully-formed superhero epic even if it doesn't come out til summer 2013, just after the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am of caped crusaders parading through our theaters since May. However! It looks pretty great.

As you know, Henry Cavill plays Clark Kent before he realizes his true potential. Although we've got Amy Adams as Lois Lane, so far the trailers have shown us only Clark's adolescence and young adulthood in Smallville, Kansas… well, that and the little sabbatical where he channels The Perfect Storm and wears a lovely rugged beard I'd love to see on him for the whole movie. But now you get to see him in Metropolis, where there's a massive battle taking place. It's all very low-key, but in the way of a slow burn whose power you can already see.

Some disorganized thoughts:

• I still don't understand why Clark takes off time from Smallville to go work on a fishing boat, but maybe it's meant to be like in Batman Begins when Bruce Wayne goes out of his element for a couple years and then returns and becomes Batman.

• As much as I like looking at the pretty young men donning their various spandex costumes, it's kind of rad to see the older actors these movies have roped in to play fathers and mentors. Just like Martin Sheen being all badass in The Amazing Spider-Man, here you get two-for-one with Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent and Russell Crowe baring the S on his chest as Clark's alien daddy Jor-El.

• Superman! Flying through the clouds! So good.

• Wait, was that shirtless Cavill pushing through a burning building? Because yes.

• I think it's just because Christopher Nolan is a producer, but for a second I could've sworn I heard Morgan Freeman providing some narration.

• No Lex Luthor! At least, not that we can see. I'm sure there are spoilers out there, but if Lex's possible inclusion and/or who plays him is going to be a surprise, I don't want to know.

• I think people are going to cheer harder for the first time we see Clark in his bespectacled “disguise” than the first time we see him in the suit.

Snyder's track record has not been great after many diehard Watchmen fans derided his too-faithful adaptation, and his original movie Sucker Punch was criticized for being anti-feminist. But so far people seem pretty damn excited for Man of Steel. Judging from this glimpse, would you go see it next summer?