A Guys Says: Girls Is Blatantly Sexist, Hardly Any Men In The Show

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This show Girls is unbelievable.  I’d like to start this column by saying that I totally agree with all of the criticism leveled against it and writer, creator Lena Dunham.  How dare she try to tell a story about privileged, sheltered white people who are still privileged, sheltered white people when they move to Brooklyn from the suburbs after college?  That never happens, right?  I mean, it’s always great to watch people take out their anger with a large-scale socio-economic problem on a TV show that’s only aired two episodes.

It’s also nice to see that we just get to pick on one show at a time because you could say HBO’s other new comedy, Veep, has the same lack of diversity that Girls does.   I watched Veep, which is about a female vice president, and I didn’t see one diverse person, save the vice president’s witty secretary.

Thank God we only have to jump on one show though because it’s so much work to pick on two shows for the exact same reasons.  Plus, I hate consistency.  I only have the energy to spew my righteous indignation through one half-hour of comedy and a 400-700 word opinion piece.  Anything beyond that would require me to talk about Girls as a complex yet hilarious critique of post-graduate, 20-something white privilege in America.  Or, in less complicated language, a great show about four friends.

So, I’ll be angry with Girls too.  It’s so much fun to complain about something that really isn’t that important.  It’s also fun to get views for this column because other people think this is really important.  Ooops.  I gave away my secret.  What I meant was, there’s another under-represented group of people on Girls that no one’s talking about, that no one seems to care about, and it makes me sick.  Of course, I’m talking about men.

Right up front, they’re alienating half the population by calling the show Girls.  How off-putting is that?  They should rename the show Girls and Boys.  Actually, that name doesn’t go far enough because it would exclude men and women.  So, how about Girls, Boys, Men, and Women?  That’s not good either.  It excludes babies who aren’t yet girls or boys.  So why don’t we go with something more inclusive like People or Homo Sapiens?

That doesn’t help the fact that there are only two guys on this show right now though.  Just two!  That’s four girls to two guys.  The worlds population is about fifty, fifty, so that’s how they should represent it on the show.  There should be either two more guys or two less girls.  How about we fire two of the girls?  One of the girls is the daughter of Brian Williams.  She doesn’t need this job, so let’s get rid of her.  The other ones can fight it out.  I don’t care how they do it.  Just that they do it because everything that happens in real life should also happen in the shows that I watch.