Arya Stark Shares A Baby Photo So Cute That It Would Even Warm The Hound’s Heart

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The only thing I love more than having my heart ripped out every single week on Game of Thrones is seeing behind-the-scenes photos of the cast. Such as this one of The Mountain and Oberyn sunbathing all willy nilly. As if they didn't just duel to the death on the show. Today's gem comes from Maisie Williams AKA Arya Stark AKA Westros' Most Promising Budding Sociopath. While she doesn't come right out and say that it's a photo of her, I think we can go ahead and assume that it is. Because, duh.

While I'm probably overestimating the thought process that goes into her Instagram posting choices, I like to think she chose this gem to help us recover from the 6232089 minute battle scene we watched on Sunday. You know, as a present to us for watching nonstop murder for an hour. Then again, who am I to act like murder's a bad thing. If I've learned anything from watching this show, it's that murder is how you're supposed to die. Even if you're a fan favorite. Even if your wife is pregnant! Even if your father is also your uncle! And even if your father-uncle has a golden hand!

Game of Thrones rule #1: No one leaves Westeros Papouli-style, sound asleep in his bed. And yes, I do see a lot of crossover potential for a Full House/Game of Thrones show. Danny, Joey and Jesse raise the Stark kids. And the dire wolves. And Hodor. Or maybe Hodor will just replace Joey. That's up for debate. In the meantime, enjoy this adorable photo.

(GIF: Tumblr)