This Maid Of Honor Speech Is So Chock Full Of Amazing Pop Songs That You’re Going To Want To Marry It

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Renee Maid of Honor Singing Wedding SpeechI love weddings. And not just because they come with open bars. There's something magical about watching two wonderful people start their lives together. Or in the case of family friend weddings that you're forced to attend, there's something magical about watching two people start their lives together after you've stalked and analyzed their entire engagement album on Facebook.

The only thing better than passed apps and elaborate cheese plates are choreographed dances and amazing speeches. You know the speeches I'm talking about — the ones that you laugh at because they're entertaining and not because you want to put an end to the awkward silence that follows a passive-aggressive joke. You can file the one you're about to watch under “amazing” as well as “90s” and “people you want to hire to be the maid of honor at your own wedding.” Seriously Renee, you killed it! We're obsessed.

It has everything you want in a wedding speech. Assuming you're a pop culture aficionado as well as a connoisseur of fine music. Honestly, I'm surprised that it didn't end with the bride leaving her new husband and marrying this MOH. Or, at the very least, going all sister wife on her.

So watch, enjoy and prepare to have Britney Spears stuck in your head all day. Also prepare to do some serious thinking as to who you're going to ask to give a speech at your wedding.

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