Ladies, Guard Your Loins! Channing Tatum Confirms Magic Mike Sequel!

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Is that a penis pump in your pocket or are you just freaking out over the fact that Magic Mike will be coming back to theaters!? Yes, it's true. The movie that made women all over the world consider moving to Tampa and dating a man who wears an American flag thong is returning to the big screen. Channing Tatum confirmed the news in an interview with Glamour UK

In response to the question, “Magic Mike 2?” he responded like Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in When Harry Met Sally, “Yes, yes and yes! We're working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger.” No confirmation yet from Matthew McConaugheyJoe ManganielloAlex Pettyfer or Matt Bomer, but that's probably they're all too busy doing this.

Make it bigger? Do you think he means the story or the thonged penises. Or both? Could a humble girl from Tampa (yeah, twist, I am from Tampa. And no I never saw Channing perform in his prime. No time for that between orthodontist trips and 7th Heaven reruns on in the afternoons) really be that lucky?

God willing, we'll all be that lucky. And by “we'll all”, I don't mean Cody Horn. Sorry girlfriend, expressionless.org called and they want your face back. But Olivia Munn is welcome back. And her boobs! Because men will “need an excuse” to see the sequel too. Lest women question their sexuality for liking an action movie about ecstasy deals gone wrong.

While there are no more details on this sequel as of right now, we're already breaking up with our boyfriends in anticipation that we'll fall even more in love with this rag-tag group of male strippers.

Until then, just think about the fact this song will probably be part of their new opening number.