Great News For Couples! Olivia Munn Will Be Naked In Magic Mike! Fun For The Whole Family!

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The only problem with the upcoming male stripper thriller Magic Mike is that you can't take your boyfriend. And if you're the kind of girl who likes to take your boyfriend everywhere you go, you're probably stressing out like a prom girl in an acne wash commercial. You want to see Channing Tatum's naked ass. But you also want to make your boyfriend happy.

What's a loyal and devoted girlfriend to do?!

Share this wonderful news about Olivia Munn baring her boobs during the film! Because this news just turned Magic Mike from a chick flick to a dick flick. (You know what a dick flick is, right? It's a movie that shows dicks, while also appealing to dicks.) According to our prestigous friends over at Nudeography, she shows her boobs three times.

A IMDB review (that we can't find, but Nudeography can find because they're professionals) says:

“I mean you can clearly see Olivia Munn's face..and her boobs..” In other words, you see not just a close up of her boobs, you see her and her whole body, face and all. No full frontal obviously, just topless.”

Wow. You see her face and her boobs in the same shot. THE SAME SHOT!

Before I read this news I was a total “god-hating” atheist. But now I'm all like, “where can I best worship the all-knowing power that brought this film to fruition?”

See all you loving couples in the theater this Friday.

(Photo:  Nikki Nelson / WENN.com)