The Gosselin Twins Get Revenge On Kate During Live Interview, Mutiny Seems Imminent

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Gosselin Twins Today Show interview January 2014

For some reason that's beyond my comprehension, Jon and Kate Gosselin are making headlines again. While I resisted clicking on anything pertaining to them at first, I finally gave in recently. After all, I owed it to myself. So many years spent watching that show. And so many hours spent explaining to my friends why it's like, totally, a good reality show about a normal family. Obviously, we now know my dysfunctional-family-dar's way off. But that's in the past. Now I assume every family I see on a reality show's heading for a divorce and it makes it all so much easier to handle when it does, inevitably, happen.

Yesterday we got to read a delightful interview from Jon Gosselin where he once again made his eight young (and literate!) children out to be sociopaths. And today we got the opportunity to see two of those little monsters in person. Except, surprise, the only monster sitting on that Today Show couch was Kate Gosselin herself. Savannah Guthrie asked Cara and Maddy Gosselin a question about their lives now and they went mute.

Not because Jon's allegations about them being feral creatures are true, but because they're purposefully going out of their way to make their mother look like an idiot on national TV. She wants to parade them around as proof she's a good parent, then they'll wait until the cameras are on before “proving” her wrong. And I put proving in quotations because as a former obnoxious teenager myself, I think they know exactly what they're doing. Their days as their parents' mascots are coming to an end. If you think I'm sitting calming at my desk and not custom ordering 50,00 Team Mady & Cara t-shirts, you're thinking wrong. this is the beginning of the end of their exploitation.

Oh and if you think Kate handles this situation well on live TV, you'd also be thinking wrong. Even though she attempts to play it cool for the camera, you can tell she's absolutely seething with rage. Which will just give the twins more material for their eventual memoir.