Madonna’s Upper East Side Neighbor Is Suing Her For Being Too Noisy

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Well, this is embarrassing. Madonna‘s downstairs neighbor at one of her New York City properties is suing her for making too much noise over the course of three years. Apparently, she was using her apartment as a rehearsal and workout studio, playing loud music and stomping around with her “guests” from one to three hours a day, every day. Manhattan judge Louis York has allowed the lawsuit to proceed.

Via The New York Post:

“Plaintiff alleges that noise and vibrations were the product of amplified music, which Madonna and her guests used to conduct dance training and exercise routines. Plaintiff states that these disturbances forced her to leave her apartment on numerous occasions and greatly interefered with the entertainment of guests,” Justice Louis York wrote.

She said she repeatedly complained to Madonna and the building about the problem beginning in June of 2008, but they took no action for almost a year. Madonna finally did have some work done to buffer the noise, but it was unsuccessful, George's filings say.

Madonna's defense countered by saying that the noise only happened during the day, never exceeded three hours, and never reached the level prohibited by city codes. In other words, Madonna is going to do as she darn well likes, because she is fucking Madonna.

As someone who works from home, I can sympathize with the neighbor here. If someone was making a ton of noise for three hours every afternoon (which is nearly half my work day), I'd be pissed too. It wouldn't matter if it was Joe Schmoe or my favorite band in the world; constant, blaring noise renders your apartment uninhabitable. (I can't read or write anything longer than a tweet when there's music on.) Compound that by the fact that whoever lives in Madonna's building paid a fuck ton of money for the privilege, and they are really going to want it to be habitable. I mean, it's not like Madonna's act is some low budget, fly-by-night operation…she can afford an actual practice/exercise studio.

On the other hand, it seems like the neighbor has already won this battle and is now just being vindictive. According to the article, Madge has since “constructed a studio in one of her other New York City properties to use for her exercises,” so the torment is over. But that's not going to stop the neighbor from putting some insane price tag on all the mental anguish Madonna has inflicted, which she will pay, because she has infinite dollars.

So, what have we learned today? Non-famous rich people: 1.) hate noise, 2.) even if it's Madonna, and 3.) are way greedy. How do you think they got rich in the first place?