Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Inspires The Beginning Of World Peace…And The End Of Sequins

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Well America's coolest Mom, Madonna, just wrapped up her much anticipated Super Bowl Halftime show without slipping a nip or twisting an ankle on the bleachers (yeah Madge, we saw that). With the help of LMFAO, M.I.A, Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo, the cast of Drumline, and the extras from the Sister Act musical, she covered “Vogue,” “Music,” “Like a Prayer” and her newest song “Give Me All Your Luvin.”

Considering that she's approaching Boniva-endorsement age, she did a pretty good job. The inclusion of younger, and some might say more hip, artists helped to bring a little more excitement to the stage. And the World Peace light-up message at the very end was a nice touch.

In fact, my only real complaint with her performance was the fact that she allowed Cee Lo to perform next to her wearing a sequined snuggie. I'm not asking him to wear a tux, but I am asking him to recognize the line between comfort and appropriate performance attire. Also the line between a splash of sequins and a tidal wave of sequins. One says I'm trendy and the one says I rode a BeDazzler to this game.

I would say the best judge of appropriate vs. inappropriate would be going by my high school dress code. Does it have a zipper fly and does it have leg holes? If not, take off the robe and put on some pants.

Check out the sequined snuggie right here:

 [Photo courtesy of SB Nation]