Madonna’s Best Dating Advice, According To Her Lyrics

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The Superbowl's finally here! This  means that not only will Americans consume more wings and subs and dips than ever thought possible, but also that Madonna will emerge from her cocoon of everlasting youth to grace us with her presence at the halftime show. While I'm horrified of the thought of one of her arms flying off into the crowd when she gyrates with a back-up dancer born the same year as Lourdes, I'm excited to see her back in action. I mean, it's Madonna, everyone loves her music and/or has danced drunkenly to it.

While you already know she's a pop singer extraordinaire, I bet you didn't that she's also a love guru. Her lyrics are full of wonderful advice and maybe if we all take it, we'll have our very own baby-faced boyfriend by Valentine's Day.