Video: Madonna Throws Yet More Shade On Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga’s Fans

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If you thought her nicey nice appearance on The Ellen Show marked the end of Madonna‘s tendency to publicly diss Lady Gaga, think again, naive young soul. As soon as Ellen‘s calming presence was gone, she went right back to normal.

At a recent concert in St. Paul, MN, Madonna name checked the young copycat once again, saying, “I recognize a lot of familiar faces and it makes me so happy to see you again. I have the best fans in the whole world…so take that, Lady Gaga.” (She pronounced the last two syllables like an old lady unfamiliar with the name.)

Next, she expressed her butt hurt over the fact that Lady Gaga had rejected her invitation to sing with her, hinting at her source of anger towards the pantsless wonder:

“You know, I invited her to sing with me onstage and she turned me down…I've been rejected before, it's good, it builds character.”

Which makes me wonder: what is up with Madonna lately?

Here's the thing: Madonna is Madonna, the original modern pop icon. When she publicly feuds with other divas, it makes her look like just another pop star, and not the mother of all pop stars that she is. And when someone turns down her invitation, for God's sake, she shouldn't tell people about it. She should simply go along on her merry way, being Madonna and not giving a fuck. It's worked for her for many years, so I suggest she stick to that plan now.

Plus, if there's anything for this site has taught me, it's that you do not want to piss off Little Monsters.