Madonna Squashes Beef With Deadmau5, Says She Wasn’t Talking About Drugs

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For anyone who was concerned yesterday over Madonna‘s efforts to stay relevant via winking references to club drugs and subsequent smackdown from DJ Deadmau5: don't be! She's since clarified everything and squashed the beef, and she even joined Twitter for a day in order to do so.

Madge conveniently joined Twitter for a day yesterday to answer fans' questions about her new album, as well as respond to critics. After Deadmau5 yelled at her for daring to potentially promote the use of rave drugs at a rave, Madge shot back with this graphic response:

Do you think Lourdes showed her how to use the Photo Shop? Or did she just do it for her?

In any case, this seemed to placate the angry mouse:

And Madonna was all like “no problem, honey boo boo child. Now I am going to flirt with you a little.”

As glad as I am that Madonna is no longer engaged in a deadly feud with the world's most humorless giant mouse head wearer, I'm going to call bullshit a little bit. MDNA and “Have You Seen Molly?” are both clearly meant as double entendres about drugs. Like, “Madonna is a drug! I'm addicted to her! Get it? Eh?” Personally, I think Deadmau5 needs to lighten up a bit, because when you take the drugs out of rave culture, all you have left is a bunch of really shitty music, and sober people who are more likely to realize that it's shitty. If I were him, I'd be careful lest I prude myself out of a job.

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