Madonna Claims Her ‘Black Muslim’ Comment Was Meant To Be Ironic…Do We Believe Her?

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A day after her seemingly sincere comments about how we have a black Muslim in the White House hit the Internet, Madonna is doing some backpedaling and trying to convince everyone that she was just joking.

“I was being ironic on stage,” she said through a rep. “Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim – though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is. And what if he were? The point I was making is that a good man is a good man, no matter who he prays to. I don't care what religion Obama is – nor should anyone else in America.”

Do we believe her? Unlike Nicki Minaj‘s fanciful line about voting for Romney, Madonna's comments sounded pretty sincere when she said them, with her backup dancers even making “fuck yeah” faces to, well, back her up. Let's look at the video again:

I can't say with certainty whether or not Madonna was joking, but if she was, she did a really, really bad job of conveying it. Despite her recent love of political imagery, she has said in the past that she doesn't read newspapers, so maybe she really was that uninformed?

In any case, it's probably a bad idea to dress like some sort of guerrilla freedom fighter and spout off about politics if you haven't read at least a few books/articles on the subject you're discussing. And no, M.I.A. album covers don't count.

(Via Rolling Stone)

Photo: Still from Youtube