Madonna Gets Titled The UK’s Most Famous Celeb Of The Decade

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Sheesh. This isn’t really much of a shocker. According to recent reports, Madonna has been named The UK’s Most Famous Celebrity of the Decade. So, how does one top this list? You get a lot of articles written about you.

Apparently, there were roughly 45,633 articles written about Madonna within the past decade. If that were me, I’d be slightly disturbed by the news…

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image: Bauer-Griffin

At least she’s still got it!

Who else made the list? Check it out after the jump….

1. Madonna 45,633

2. Robbie Williams 27,976

3. Britney Spears 27,910

4. Brand Beckham (Posh and Becks) 26,561

5. Kate Moss 26,494

6. Victoria Beckham 25,204

7. David Beckham 24,631

8. Michael Jackson 22,426

9. Simon Cowell 22,263

10. Sir Paul McCartney 20,347