Madonna Flashes Her Boob At A Concert In Turkey…Yes, On Purpose

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For some strange, inexplicable reason, Madonna flashed the audience a glimpse of her bare breast at her MDNA concert in Turkey last night. (Obviously, clearly, this is not safe for work. If you click this at work, you are a bold, brazen individual because you are about to see Madonna's breast on the clock.) The Queen of Pop was singing ‘Human Nature' and suddenly began stripping down, showing the audience the words ‘No Fear' written on her back. To make the situation even weirder, she was wearing her bra and odd panty-hose type dealies that came up right underneath her boobs — not the most flattering outfit for a strip-show, which makes me wonder if the move was planned. Not that Madonna doesn't have a stupidly tight body that's way better than mine, but no one can rock the mom-jeans look, even if you swap out fishnets for denim.

Anyway, she's in her bra, and all of a sudden and for seemingly no reason, she pushes it down to reveal her bare boob. Her bare, 53-year old boob. A boob that is probably the same age as many of your parents. And you just clicked the link. And looked at it. Yummmm. She apparently thought better of it right after, because she made a weird face and covered it back up again.

See, this whole thing makes me really worry about Madonna. For a variety of reasons. For one, her kids had parts in the show. Lola was featured, and Rocco had five appearances in her concert last night. So they were both there for this. Maybe not onstage, and maybe not watching it happen, but definitely present. Also, Turkey is a very traditional country, with a large Muslim population. It's not difficult to see how this could be considered offensive, if not just plain weird.

The rest of the concert featured a mostly clothed Madonna dancing onstage with her 24-year old (oh come on) boytoy, Brahim Zaibat, who is one of her back-up dancers.

What do you think? Is this just Madonna expressing herself, or do you find this as odd as I do?

(Image: youmustbeanangel.blogspot.com)