You Have To See Drake’s Reaction To Madonna Kissing Him On Stage At Coachella

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You Have To See Drake s Reaction To Madonna Kissing Him On Stage At Coachella Madonna Drake Coachella April 2015 jpgYou know what they say, what happens at Coachella gets photographed and captured on video at Coachella. That means that even if we weren’t there in person, we still get to see Drake’s reaction to Madonna kissing him on stage during their performance yesterday. His priceless reaction, I should clarify. Because he was not into it. Well, at first it seemed like he was, but then something happened, and he really wasn’t anymore.

Here’s how it went down. Madonna came up behind Drake, who was sitting in a chair. She tilted his head back and laid one on him. At first he appeared to be cool with it, even going so far as to put his hand on her hair, and it wasn’t even to pull her head away from him. But then things took a turn. Madonna didn’t let go, and whatever she did to Drake’s mouth was not pleasant, because when she finally pulled away his face spoke a thousand ewwws. And it wasn’t the kind of expression that says, “Yuck! I got cooties!” It was the kind of expression that says, “I think my soul was just sucked out of my body. Did she shoot poison into my mouth? Why are her teeth so sharp?” and similar things.

Madonna just said “I’m Madonna” and walked away. Meanwhile, Drake can be heard on the video saying, “Holy shit, what the fuck just happened?” That’s a question we’d all like answered, Drake. Madge remained proud of the incident last night when she shared a photo of the kiss on Instagram and added, “No caption necessary.” I hope we can all agree this was a very unpleasant thing to witness and probably an even more unpleasant thing for Drake to experience. But let’s all thank our lucky stars for one thing: At least it wasn’t Bieber.

(Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella)