Video: Madonna Tries Very Hard Not To Throw Shade On Her Fellow Divas On Ellen

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Madonna has made a name for herself in the past by blatantly dissing other, younger divas, most notably Lady Gaga (and while sipping from a delicate teacup, no less). But when Ellen Degeneres tried to get her to do it again on her show yesterday, she was extremely measured.

As Ellen went down a list asking Madonna what she thinks of various pop stars, Madonna was curt and complimentary. “Britney Spears?” “Good kisser.” “Beyonce?” “Incredible voice.” Etc. When she got to Lady Gaga, there was a pregnant pause while Madonna tried to think of something, anything not-mean to say—you could pretty much see the smoke coming out of her ears—but she eventually settled on “good voice.” This might have seemed even less mean if she had not just said “incredible voice” about Beyonce, but we will take what we can get. I also appreciated the bit about Elton John at the end.

(Via ONTD)