Madonna Should Know Better Than To Call Barack Obama A ‘Black Muslim’

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Madonna Barack Obama "black Muslim" video speech concert religion gay rightsGood news: Madonna just publicly endorsed Barack Obama! Bad news: She's pretty confused about his religion!

A video popped up from Madge's recent concert in Washington, D.C., as part of her MDNA tour. Fittingly considering her location, Madonna decided to get all political with the crowd, comparing our President to historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.—both of whom were assassinated, so now things are getting a little uncomfortable. But the weirdest part is when she yells to the crowd, “Y’all better vote for fucking Obama, OK? For better or for worse, we have a black Muslim in the White House. Now, that is some shit. That’s some amazing shit. It means there is hope in this country.”

Now, I don't doubt that Madonna's passionate about Obama getting another term, especially how he's been (in her words) “fighting for gay rights.” But why the hell did she decide to call Obama a black Muslim? Does she actually think he is Muslim? That rumor started during Obama's first campaign in early 2008, but Snopes and other outlets debunked it.

Watch the video and judge for yourself; the part in question comes at about 1:50. As The Atlantic Wire points out, it's difficult to tell from Madonna's delivery whether or not she's being sarcastic. She emphasizes the “black” part, but not “Muslim.” Very weird. So maybe she's mocking other people who still believe that, or else she's truly mistaken. Assuming she's genuine about her support for Obama, she really should know where the man stands on something as polarizing as religion, and she shouldn't give conservatives any reason to make more arguments against Obama.

I'm gonna categorize this as “good try, good effort.”